Organ Donation Drive

MOHAN Foundation organised a stall on organ donation awareness at Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown On 21st August, 2016, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Mr. Mahadev Sastry the President of Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown to set up stall for Organ Donation registration.
The Rotarians had invited Dr. Madhav Baitule from Rotary Club of Dombivli East, to speak on Organ Donation. Dr. Madhav started explaining on what is Organ Donation, when, who, why and how it can be done? Then he spoke about what is transplantation. He briefly focused on the need for organs, brain stem death, how to diagnose, certify and who can certify, cornea donation, religious barriers, and myths related to organ donation. He also explained about the Laws and Entity of Maharashtra.
The Rotarians actively participated and it was quite interactive with questions being asked and answered. About 30 Rotarians and neighbouring society members attended the program and were distributed MOHAN Foundation’s information brochures and Donor Cards. We thank Mr. Mahadev Sastry and his team for this initiative and showing enthusiastic commitment to the cause.